For women who are ready to create!

For women who are ready to create!

Connect to, Trust in & Act on your inner wisdom and creative callings to get your projects from Concept to Completion

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For women who are ready to enhance their creative practice by connecting to, trusting in, and acting on their inner wisdom.

Hey, I'm Amy Isaman - Creativity & Book Coach and Author.

When was the last time you got totally lost in something that you love to do without ANY guilt or one single thought about what you “should” be doing?

Do you even remember?

Or has your life consumed...your life?

Is every moment filled with marking things off of your to-do list, being an uber-productive employee, boss, mom, wife, daughter, and friend?

You are so ready to answer that inner call to create, to write, to paint, to dance, to CONNECT with yourself.

I help women connect with and trust in their inner wisdom so they can confidently, consistently, and joyfully explore and share their creative gifts.

Whether it's writing your book, painting, photography, drawing, or dancing, I'll help you get your ideas from your head and heart and into the world.

I do this through private coaching, workshops, retreats, and online programs.

Program Participant

"Amy guided and encouraged me through an adventure of self-exploration and discovery. She helped me breakthrough my deep-seated belief that I was not creative. She was absolutely brilliant at holding a space in which I felt safe exploring the possibilities without trying to define them for me. I felt like I had my own, personal creativity cheerleader offering different perspectives and encouragement the whole way. I can’t recommend Amy and her programs enough!"

~M. Thatcher, participant in The Artist's Way Program