Let 's Get Creating

Enhance your creativity and develop a vibrant creative practice by learning to connect to, trust in, and act on your own inner wisdom. Get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

This is Soulful Creativity.

Let 's Get Creating

Enhance your creativity and develop a vibrant creative practice by learning to connect to, trust in, and act on your own inner wisdom. Get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

Are you ready to create?

Are you ready to dive into that project that is calling to you, to make your creative practice a non-negotiable in your life and finally DO the thing that lights you up?

There are two ways to work with me: A Creative Clarity Session or a Coaching Package

Creativity & Idea Consulting

In this fun and energizing session, we'll work together to explore and clarify:

  • What you want to create
  • How that could look
  • Specific steps to move forward and begin creating (let's just do the damn thing)

You’ll leave our time together with clear steps and an action plan to get your creative gifts into the world.

If you’re ready to rekindle your creative spark and get your ideas out of your head, book your sessions now. You'll get one 60 minute idea session with a 30-minute follow-up.

3-6 Month Coaching Packages

Take a second and let's play Mad Libs. Remember that game? You fill in the blank with random words or phrases to write a funny story.

Here's the sentence:

Are you honoring your soul's call to create or are you allowing               ( add a phrase)                to get in the way? 

You might be filling that big blank in with:

  • perfectionism
  • guilt because you don't feel that you're "caught up enough" to be entitled to enjoy, play, or create
  • all those you love who need you
  • what you "should" be doing (like making moolah or taking care of other's needs)
  • your fear that focusing on creativity and play is self-indulgent and a waste of time
  • all the distractions in your life
  • your driving need to please others
  • that fear that it's all been said or done before so why try
  • your uncertainty on what you really want to do
  • your inner critic saying, "What are you thinking?!?"
  • external critics saying, "What are you thinking?"

MadLibs is supposed to be FUN...but this doesn't feel fun. And this is your LIFE. Let's fix that!

Breaking through the mindset blocks and learning to focus on our JOY, ourselves, and our creative practice can sometimes take more than a creative clarity session.

If you're ready to

  • dive deeper
  • breakthrough those blocks
  • have the accountability and support to get your creative practice solidly in place
  • find and share your voice and your work

an extended coaching package is for you.

If you're a writer, this also may include developmental/structural feedback on your work.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Schedule a call and fill out the form when you schedule, so I can know where you are and where you want to go (if you know - if not, no worries) before we get on a call.

Step 2: Get on our Zoom call together, so we can talk about your struggles and start your plan to connect with your creativity.

Step 3: If we're a fit to work together, we'll create a plan to support you in honoring your creative callings, unblocking your creativity,  and developing a joy-filled practice.

The initial call is a free, no-obligation, discovery session.

Investment: $997-$2497 (depending on your needs and the time frame).

sarahno belly square

Before finding Amy, I didn't even know where to begin with my website and the creative projects I felt called to share with the world. It all felt too big to conquer. Amy talked me off many ledges and helped me break my ideas down into bite-sized pieces. I loved just being in Amy’s space.

Everything felt much more attainable, and I’ve made major progress some pretty big projects after our work together. If you work with Amy, be prepared to be inspired. You'll have to keep a journal to remember all the good ideas you’ll get as you work through what you want to focus on.

Sarah Mertzlufft

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One of the things I value about Amy is her ability to ask me questions so that I can organize the bazillion thoughts cruising through my mind.  Sometimes she sees and vocalizes connections I cannot, and other times she just keeps asking probing and clarifying questions until the ah-ha moment arises.  I always leave my time with Amy energized and ready for another forward step.

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