How to Order dōTerra Essential Oils

Fill a diffuser with water, add a few drops of oil, and the diffuser magically disperses the oils into the air making your house smell great and feel calming!
Fill a diffuser with water, add a few drops of oil, and the diffuser magically disperses the oils into the air making your house smell AND feel great!

Before we get to the "how to order," let's briefly touch on "why use oils?"

I got into essential oils for ONE reason...they smell yummy. That's pretty much it.

But I've learned they do a LOT more than that. I've continued using them because they also make me feel good. There's NOTHING like the Deep Blue rub on sore muscles after a good workout.

And the Breathe blend? Yep, best thing ever when we have a stuffy noses (and it smells WAY better than the greasy mentholatum stuff we used to use).

But the biggest bonus of essential oils is the impact they've had on my creativity and even mood. Seriously, there are some scents that totally help me get into the flow of writing and creating.

And surprisingly, science supports this. If you're interested, here's a guide on how the aromas in essential oils can impact us emotionally - it's super interesting.

If you're feeling a little skeptical...I get it. So, do a little research before diving in. Here's a guide for you called Essential Oils for Beginners. some essential oils!

How to order dōTerra oils?

Step #1 - Click here to order oils online.

Option 1 - Shop retail - Click on the SHOP button in the menu, add oils to your cart, pay, and dōTerra will ship your oils to your door.

Option 2 - Shop wholesale - Click on the Become a Member button in the menu. This is sort of like getting a Costco membership. You pay $35 a year and save 25% off of every order you make. You also get a free oil on your anniversary, so the membership is more like $10. You can also earn loyalty points. And, like Costco, you don't have to purchase any certain amount in a year. You can make one order or monthly orders. It's up to you.

This option is the obvious one if you like to save money!! It's kind of a no-brainer.

Step #2 - Follow the steps to get started and choose a kit OR choose individual oils.

If you're new to oils, I recommend the Healthy Start Kit. It has a GREAT selection of some of my favorite oils, AND it has a diffuser. (A few drops of lemon, lavender, and peppermint in a diffuser? YUM!).

Step #3 - Add any additional oils to your order

Step #4 - Review Your Order and Proceed to Checkout

Here's where you fill in all the standard info, but there's one extra box at the bottom:

sign up box

This is an important box. If you're just buying for yourself, select the Wholesale Customer.

But, if you think that there's a chance that your mom or your daughter or your bestie might want to buy some oils too, click the top button to become an advocate, and you can have some money coming in when they decide they want some oils too - this is a WIN! (They can help fund your new essential oils habit). If you do select the top option, we'll be in touch to help you out if you're interested in biz building.

Step #4 - Shipping and payment

You know how to do this step!

Step #5 - Wait for your Order & Start Learning

While you wait for your order to arrive (which is usually pretty quick), you can dive into the guides dōTerra has provided. They're great introductions into so many aspects of essential oils, from cooking, cleaning, fitness, to using them with children and even how to take them internally.

If you prefer watching videos to learn, you can do that here.

Disclaimer - because I like to be totally transparent, I'm letting you know that if you use the links on this page, I will receive a commission from your purchase, and I'm super grateful!