Idea Seed to Start
A Book Writing Workshop

Start Your Book: Develop and organize your ideas into a clear outline, so you can start writing with clarity and confidence.

When we open the pages of a book and begin reading, we start at the beginning and we finish at the end (unless, of course, it's not that kind of book).

The reading process is easy...beginning to end.

But when you sit down to actually write that book for readers, getting started at the beginning isn't always so obvious.

You WANT to write a book...where do you start?

  • Do you just sit down and go for it?
  • How do you know what the beginning is?
  • What comes next?
  • And where are you writing to?

Whether you're writing a novel, a memoir, or a non-fiction big idea book, identifying the beginning, the middle, and end is KEY to writing a compelling and readable book.

But, figuring that out can feel overwhelming, so what happens?

Your book stays a dream, stuck in your head, firmly on the "that'll happen someday" list when you figure out how and where to start.

It's time to get that book out of your head.

This three-week writing workshop will help aspiring writers to:

  • fully develop your current seed of an idea and come up with new original ideas that you haven't even thought of yet
  • get past the hurdle of "I don't know where to start" and get going because we will discover your beginning and begin to create your outline and plan
  • step into and through the overwhelm that the dream of writing book can bring up

Maybe you have a character that's been dancing around your brain, but you're not yet sure what happens to that character.

Or maybe you have a message or a methodology that you want to share but organizing it in a way that somebody might actually want to read feels really hard.

We'll tease out those threads of ideas and follow them to places you haven't yet considered but that just might be the key to creating a cohesive whole.

You'll end this workshop, with a structure for your book and a clear path forward for you as a Writer.

Who Will Benefit from this Workshop?

This workshop is for aspiring writers of:

  • fiction
  • memoir
  • non-fiction - yes, even a good how-to book uses elements of story to pull readers in

What will you learn in this workshop?

  • Brainstorming, creative thinking, ideation, and even intuitive strategies to expand and develop your current ideas and come up with the BEST ideas for your book
  • How to organize and choose what you want to include in your book
  • How to step into and engage in your creative discomfort
  • Practice working through some of the beliefs that have held you back from starting your book
  • The basics of story structure and how those elements can guide your brainstorming and writing process

What will you receive?

  • 3 75-minute Live workshop sessions as well as access to the session recordings
  • 1 90-minute optional co-working/writing session where we'll come together to write in community, address some of your blocks, and work on establishing a regular writing practice
  • A resource guide with prompts and ideas to help get your ideas flowing and organized
  • 2 months of access to monthly Office Hour calls where you can ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and get some brief coaching


We will meet Tuesdays, at 10:00 am PST/1:00 pm EST.

  • November 3
  • November 10
  • November 17

We will meet on Zoom, and you will receive all the access information after you register.


$144, regular price

$111, self-selected scholarship

$288, get the workshop plus one hour of 1:1 book coaching with Amy which we will set up after you register.

(All current 1:1 clients have access to the workshop).

Your Workshop Leader

If "I'm going to write a book someday, but I don't know where to start or how to even approach this thing" has ever crossed your mind, let's revisit that writing dream of yours.


Hi, I'm Amy.

If we haven't ever met, I'm a Writer (with a capital W), a Teacher, and a creative soul. I've published several novels, written thousands of blog posts, and spent the vast majority of my career in the front of a high school or college classroom teaching writing, creative writing, and speech.

We all have stories and ideas to share. I've learned through the years (and lots of study - that M.A. in Literature actually has come in handy) that communicating those ideas in a way that will resonate with readers relies on understanding basic story structure.

Knowing and organizing our ideas AS story can also help us actually develop them more fully AND get them written.

All it takes is the willingness to open up, dive in, learn, and follow wherever your Creative Wild Heart leads you. I'll show you how.



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