You want to write a book? Well, you’ve found the right spot. If you need help with a creative project, that’s my jam! I’m a Creativity Coach, and I offer 1:1 coaching, events, and classes, the Dear Creativity…Let’s Play podcast as well as TONS of helpful writing support on the blog to help you with owning your creativity and developing a creative practice.

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Welcome to!

It’s such an exciting time. I vividly remember re-claiming my desire to write. It’s a desire I’ve had my entire life, since childhood, but that I abandoned in my early twenties. In my mid-forties, it was time to get back to that childhood dream (or completely lose myself).

It was terrifying to start, but I did it. I dove in, wrote my first novel and launched a website called for teen writers. I wrote “how to write fiction” posts there for years. That site has been closed for a few years now, and I’ve now moved most of those posts here, to their new online home.

If you’ve got a book burbling up or shooting around your brain like a pinball, but you…

  • have NO idea where to start
  • have failed to hold yourself accountable
  • get stopped by all of the doubts and fears that inevitably come up when you sit down to do the work you’re called to do
  • would LOVE some one-on-one support whether that’s a one-time creative breakthrough session OR ongoing coaching as you get your book done…

Schedule a discovery call here and let’s chat to see how I can support you in getting that book you want to start out of your head and onto paper.

If you’re not quite ready to dive into coaching, you can find all my posts on creativity, mindset, and writing as that’s where I work and play over on the blog. There are also lots of helpful posts on story elements, the craft of writing which includes structure and even punctuation posts if you just want some basic “how to” support.

I’ve also brought over all of the writing prompts which you can explore here.

If you’re searching for some writing help, and you’re not finding what you’re looking for, you should be able to find answers on my fav writing website or in one of these books:

  • Helping Writers Become Authors– This is an INCREDIBLE site and I highly recommend K.M. Wieland’s books too if you need help with your novel structure.
  • Getting Published – if you’re looking to get published but need some basic info on the different paths to publication and the qualifications you need, this page has some good links and info (Thanks to LouAnne Taylor of and her group of young writers for sharing this link).

Best Writing Books