I am busy, busy, busy – too damn busy to write apparently.  I’ve been on vacation this week with my family and trying really hard not to beat myself up over the fact that I haven’t written much, if at all.  I’ve spent the last five days either traveling or at Disneyland with immediate and extended family.  In one word . . . chaos.

But it’s also been really fun!  So, I suffered the angst of many Americans – guilt.  Several months ago, I made this commitment to write, but I’ve spent the past week not writing; instead I’ve been riding roller coasters and snacking on cotton candy.

I felt guilty because I wasn’t writing, but then I knew that if I left my family to go sit in the hotel and write, I’d feel more guilty, and I’d also worry about missing out on something super fun.  So, I decided to enjoy my vacation, write if I could, and not feel guilty about it, but it’s tough!

In Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert says something about American women living with self-loathing when we eat something fattening just for the pure pleasure of it (or maybe she said it in an interview I saw her give).

At any rate, the whole idea is that American’s have a hard time just completely letting go and enjoying something.   So this week, I decided that writing is a choice I am making, but not something that I will feel guilty about if I miss a day or two.  It is a joy, a pleasure, not a chore.  I choose to write, just as some days I choose to spend time with my family and eat bags of kettle corn for lunch.

I am still a writer . . . I’m just also a mother, a wife, an aunt, a teacher, a coach . . . etc.  And I think I can be all of them and do all of them well.  But when its time to be a mom, I need to be mom.

When its time to be a teacher or a coach and work with my students, I need to be a teacher or a coach.

And when its time to be a writer, I write.  I can do it all, I just can’t do it all at the same time, and that’s okay – no guilt.

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